Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Party of a Lifetime

Journeying from the forested bottomlands all the way up to the high-country, above tree line, where granite kisses the clouds, we assemble. The moon has risen, coming into its near fullness above the gnarled and rocky Purcell Range to the east, casting silver light upon the meadow of our gathering. In down parkas, overcoats, and blankets we’ve come to bask in it–150 people embarking upon a contemporary mountain pilgrimage to be together for the lunar eclipse and experience a party of a lifetime. 

Because we are a dancing people, turntables, a mixer, and speakers have been brought along. They are as integral to the culture we are creating in the Kootenays as skin drums have been for First People the world over. For two hours I’m given the honor of using them to broadcast music. I feel things while I spin it: the moon at my back; the mountain goats that have walked through the meadow; the snowy owls that are undoubtedly watching us. There is a glacier behind me. Water falling from its ice sheet hums as it cascades thousands of feet down, blending with the sounds of space disco transmitted from the speakers. 

The experience is magnificent, profound, sweet, and sublime. Like Donna Summer, I Feel Love for this place, the animals, and the constellation of people who’ve gathered beneath the diamond sky, dancing in the firelight for the moon and each other as Earth people have done since time immemorial.