Monday, 26 September 2016

Back from the Wild

Back from an extended journey into a deeply wild place that, for its protection, I will leave unnamed. 

The trip developed from an idea that visual artist, Stephanie Kellett, had to create a multi-media body of work based on the theme of re-wilding. She wanted to explore what might happen to the civilized mind from prolonged immersion in deep wilderness. To do this, she chose one of North America's wildest places–one where grizzly bears outnumber humans, the howls of wolves would reverberate through the night, and where the land had been least impacted by human disturbance. I was brought in as wilderness guide and collaborator on the sonic component of her project. 

It was a profound endeavor where moments of exquisite beauty alternated with challenging rites of passage for both of us, sometimes daily, according to the shifting wind and waves. As the weeks passed, nature revealed more and more of itself to us–a great living mystery that often left us speechless. With each new sunrise we were filled with gratitude. The land fed us without eating us. We were humbled by the power of the place yet, simultaneously, it boosted us up. And, of course, the omnipresent grizzlies were so very good to us–exemplars of peace even when encountering them at close range. 

In the coming weeks I will be posting snippets of my journal here for your enjoyment, as well as updates on the progress of Stephanie Kellett's Re-wilding body of work.