Thursday, 1 December 2016

For Future Generations

On the wide open grasslands, where some of the once great herds of buffalo still roam, representatives of hundreds of indigenous tribes and thousands of their allies from all over the world have gathered. They have assembled to protect the water. Like so many water bodies, the Missouri River is being threatened by the oil and gas industry. 

The Dakota Access Pipeline project intends to insert pipe under the Missouri which will jeopardize the health of the river, as well as all of the life forms that depend upon it, which includes some 18 million humans. 

In prayer and in peace, water protectors led by the Lakota Nation put their bodies before big oil and their armored guardsmen who use billy clubs, attack dogs, chemical weapons, arrest, water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures, and various projectiles and explosives against them, causing serious injury to unarmed people who refuse to allow the health and sanctity of the water that runs through their ancestral lands to be compromised by industry.    

The First People of Turtle Island (North America) are calling humanity back to the earth. We have reached the great bifurcation point, the metaphorical fork in the road. They call on people all over the world to stand with them in defense of the life support systems of the planet–for ourselves, for our ancestors, and for future generations.