Monday, 9 April 2018

Deep Green

Walking up the canyon trail into the deep green. Clear water following its own path through the forest. It slips around the curves of voluptuous boulders–sometimes spilling over granite ledges, sometimes ducking under the root masses of old cedars. 

Water, rock, air, and wood. 

Moist soil absorbing the reverberation of our walking feet. Creek sounds mixing with bird song. Chickadees and wrens inserting notes into the ambience, wild and unbound like the frequencies Pharoah Sanders sent from his saxophone into the upper range. Each player whether bird, stream, or tree contributing to a chaotic yet simultaneously harmonious soundscape. 

The intelligence of wild places. 

Energy flowing where it wishes. Old trees holding space for happy little water ways. Rocks falling into configurations suitable for bear dens. 

Out here there is no need to speak. Nothing to create. Nothing to do but exist. The way of nature is simple steady presence, going nowhere, doing no thing, and yet each place–each canyon, each stream, each mountain side, every glacier and grove of trees actively contributing to the vitality of the whole.